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A. da Gama 1967

Goenchim Gitam. Pustok 1.

Mande ani Dulpodam

Printed at Tip. Sadananda, Panaji, Goa, India

Don Utram


Aiz hem pustok “Goenchim Gitam” uzvaddak kaddunk amkam vhodd sontos ani obhinam bhogta. Ami rauntav Konkani Bhas uloitole ani ti apli Maim-bhas mhunn manum ghetele hem pustok khoxalkaien vapuddtole mhunn.

“Xiumtim mogrim ghe rê tuka, Sukh ani sontos dhi rê maca.”

Since the authors A. da Gama and C. Xavier claim no copyrights and this publication is no longer available for sale, it is legitimate to publish their research work on this website. I have not yet been able to get their biographical data. I take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution to the Konkani-Song.

The plural of deknni in Konkani remains the same, that of dulpod is dulpodam and that of manddo is mandde. In English it is deknnis and dulpods in the plural, mando in the singular and mandos in the plural.

The mando is Goa´s message to a disturbed world in a hurry.

Editorial date: 23rd October, 2006.

First Line of Dulpods and Mandos

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